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       Millions of people from all walks of life sing for pleasure, for others to enjoy and for themselves to enjoy.

This web site is dedicated to the many people whom have helped make this choir what it it today.

You can find out the rich history of the choir, check our roll of honour for a friend or relation

who used to be in the choir, see photographs from days gone by or some of our more recent ones. You can check out our forthcoming concerts and engagements and see how to give us a visit, if you are interested in singing with or hiring us. You may also listen to a few of our recordings, on the recordings pages and watch some of our videos, recorded live in different concerts. Either way, visit all the pages, click all the links and enjoy your experience.

The Thurnscoe Harmonic Male Voice Choir invites you to join us at concerts, as an interested singer at our rehearsals or even as a interested person that would like to see how we put together what we do.



The Thurnscoe Harmonic Male Voice Choir

is a non-auditioning choir, providing the opportunity to learn and develop singing skills which, in turn, enhances physical and mental well-being in a fun, friendly, relaxing and non-threatening environment. Performances over our 100 year history have raised thousands of pounds for national and local good causes.

All choir members are volunteers. They are guided forward by a committee of a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Concert Secretary, a Musical Director, a Principal Accompanist and several committee members, all presided over by the President.

The choir works very well on a majority decision basis.